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Special 20 YEARS // N°26 // July 2014

Spéciale philippines


20 years of international solidarity actions!

This is an opportunity for us to celebrate the association, but also and above all to report, beyond the publication of our annual reports.

We did so last May at a press conference attended by some twenty journalists. We also did so in June when we showed several times in the streets of Lyon the exhibition "Attention(s)!", which gave voice to artists from the countries where we operate or have operated. They used a road sign to express the dangers that lurk in their countries. Among the hundreds of projects received, thirty were selected by a jury, achieved on the ground, and then sent to France. Beyond the highly symbolic message conveyed, this exhibition allowed us to meet the public and discuss TGH’s action in the field.

On the occasion of this anniversary, we also published a booklet entitled "object teaching in the form of a manifesto", thirty pages that helps understanding the uniqueness of TGH, a human size NGO “in the big league”. We also updated and reissued TGH’s passport, the NGO’s emblematic document, which illustrates in the form of a travel log the actions conducted since 1994.

Finally, an anniversary evening gathered all the friends and partners of the association. It allowed us to recall our fundamental principles, discuss the key moments that have marked the past 20 years, and draw up a few prospects in a changing world. We welcomed some of our partners with great pleasure, and they also expressed themselves. The "Attention(s)" exhibition was put up for sale to benefit the association. Many thanks to Claude Couffin and Valentin Traversi, who conducted the sale with gusto! The second part of the evening was festive, with many artists who agreed spontaneously to perform for the occasion, and we wish to warmly thank: the Peuple de l'Herbe in its Sound system version, Mathurin Bolze and his trampoline, the Babel Orchestra (ARFI) and Bruno Dangerhouse. We also wish to thank all those who offered their time and skills to make this event successful.


20 ans TGH

Last June, the association celebrated its 20th anniversary around three events:

  • An artistic project
  • The publication of a manifesto
  • An evening at the Transbordeur

The idea was to illustrate with images and words 20 years of solidarity, 20 years of a human and participative adventure.

The artistic project – "Attention(s)"

A traveling exhibition, combining both the polygonal identity of the association and its core activity to symbolize 20 years of presence in the field.

Danger is the main concern of TGH, which operates at international level in situations of precariousness, whether it be emergency, rehabilitation or long-term development.

TGH asked the following question to artists living in its countries of operation:

« What dangers are threatening where you are? »

The artist Delphine Chauvin designed, articulated and implemented this project.

20 ans TGH 20 ans TGH

The art work

TGH relied on artists, professional or not, living and working in the countries of intervention of the association, and launched a call for proposals. A specification was proposed to the artists: to answer the question graphically on a triangular support with the standard dimensions of a road sign with a red and yellow color code as a reminder of danger signs.

Around forty artists answered our call and some hundred proposals were submitted to us from Algeria, Burkina Faso, Republic of Congo, Laos, Myanmar, the Central African Republic, Rwanda, Sudan, Timor Leste and Yemen.

30 artistic works were selected on sketches by a panel of experts, achieved on the ground by the selected artists, and then shipped to Lyon. They were exposed as urban happening in Lyon between May 31st and June 14th, 2014.

A catalogue of the exhibition has been published and proposed to the public.

Art works have been auctioned at the end of the exhibition, during the anniversary evening on June 19th at the Transbordeur.

Sincere thanks to Loïc Charbonneau, set designer, for the exhibition's spatial set-up as well as the realisation of the exhibition's support and furniture.

20 ans TGH 20 ans TGH

  > More pictures on TGH’s Facebook page

The Manifesto

For its tenth anniversary, TGH extended an invitation to travel in publishing a landmark "passport".

For its twentieth anniversary, TGH illustrated itself in a booklet mentioning the “pillars of the common house”. The drafting was entrusted to Bernard Bolze, the founder of the OIP (International Observatory of Prisoners) and team member of the Controller General of Places of Deprivation of Liberty. He has been a journalist, and has just published a book on the history of prisons in Lyon since the XVIIIth century. He explains:

"In order to celebrate Triangle’s twentieth anniversary, we decided not to retrace the association’s history, but to explain its principles, values and fundamentals, which have been the founders’ main concern from the beginning.

The approach consisted in hearing, without hierarchy, the protagonists of this common adventure, everyone being invited to express his motivation to work in the association or for it: the founders of course, but also the administrators, employees at headquarters, expatriates, local employees, donors, friends, and various contributors.

My job was to shape the ideas expressed by the association members, to organize them per item, using their own words, without recourse to imagination.

When the base is strong and the approach effective, it can be inferred that the initial intuitions were right and that they deserve to be understood, explained and shared."

  > The manifesto, the exhibition catalog and the passport are still on sale at €5 each and €10 for the 3. You can buy them by sending a cheque and your address to the association: TGH, 1 rue de Montribloud, 69009 Lyon

20 ans TGH

The Event

The private evening took place on June 19th, 2014 at the Transbordeur in Villeurbanne. It brought together TGH’s members, friends and partners. A meaningful and festive musical and theatrical programming lasted late into the night.

20 ans TGH 20 ans TGH

We thank the artists who offered unique shows to TGH and its guests:

Le Son du Peuple Feat. JC001Le Son du Peuple Feat. JC001 ended the evening and thrilled us into the wee hours of the morning.

20 ans TGH 20 ans TGH

Mathurin BolzeMathurin Bolze offered us a wonderful air performing arts show on his trampoline.

20 ans TGH

Le Babel OrkestraLe Babel Orkestra and its repertory combining music from the Comoros, Benin, Kosovo and Turkey with the imaginary folklore of Arfi*.

* An association looking for an imaginary Folklore.

20 ans TGH 20 ans TGH

DangerhouseBruno Dangerhousekicked off the event with a selection of songs of its own.

20 ans TGH 20 ans TGH

We also thank our partners who took the floor during the evening:

  • Arnaud Balner, a representative of the Crisis Center of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Véronique Moreira, Vice-president of the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council, in charge of Cooperation in solidarity
  • Karine Dognin-Sauze, deputy Mayor of Lyon in charge of International Relations and European Affairs, and Decentralized Cooperation and International Solidarity
20 ans TGH 20 ans TGH 20 ans TGH

The auction

The auction in favour of TGH, hosted by the artist and scenographer Claude Couffin and the actor and stage director Valentin Traversi, was a great success. Almost all the art works reached out to our guests; echoed in their minds and individual stories (27 artistic works sold out of 30). Our guests participated with humor to the event.

20 ans TGH 20 ans TGH

Catherine Bethenod –
Hypnotherapist. She bought the artistic work of Salai Suan
Education in Myanmar

"I chose this one because it is essential to teach, transmit, learn, educate, understand and know. Ignorance is a major danger for civilization in the noble sense of the word".
20 ans TGH

Julie Thurière
now owns the St Black Kulture's road sign,

"To me, this panel sums up the necessity to raise people’s awareness about clichés that are easily spread, and about our duty to act and educate people around us on discrimination".
20 ans TGH

Portrait of Delphine Chauvin, artist and illustrator

Delphine participated in TGH's tenth anniversary by creating the "passport", which became since then the association's "calling card". It is as curator that she graciously worked with us.

Delphine Chauvin
  Delphine Chauvin

What was the meaning of this exhibition?

The idea was to combine this anniversary with an artistic event. The 10th anniversary had been marked by the publication of a travel log in the form of a passport. I had in mind to find something at least as strong and significant as the passport, but on a different note. I wanted this event to be in line with the passport and very different at the same time.

For the 10th anniversary, everything started in Lyon, where the association was born, and the passport then traveled around the world. But ultimately, the headquarters is just a small core, and Triangle’s identity expresses itself through its ramifications in the field. That is why I wanted to do the opposite for the 20th anniversary: to start this event in the field.

Why a road sign?

We wanted to use the same type of approach as for the passport: stay in line and use a common medium to illustrate TGH’s action. The road sign has a universal dimension that helped us establish a guideline and make this exhibition accessible to all.

Furthermore, it is a sign relating to a temporary danger, and this precisely reflects TGH’s scope of action. Our ambition was to have a general feedback on what people are concerned about and to be in synch with the NGO, whose mission is to be attentive to what threatens populations.

How did you do to bring this exhibition to life?

I relied mainly on the heads of mission on the ground. Together we tried to activate a network of contacts. They went to art schools and galleries to spread TGH’s call for proposals, and then established the link between the artists, the headquarters and me. For countries where there was no head of mission or for those where it was difficult to help us in this project, French Institutes have been a good relay, especially in Rwanda, Burkina Faso and Sudan.

We received around a hundred proposals, out of which 30 were selected.

An interesting transmission work has been achieved. I must say that Skype facilitated the organizing of this exhibition as it provided an easy means of communication. All the conviction and importance of this project for us and for the artists in the field has been conveyed through oral transmission. After all, the way we communicated is consistent with TGH’s functioning, as its members need to be close to people and develop a real relationship and living-link with the people they support.

Is there one or several road signs that particularly touched you?

As an artist I was particularly sensitive to the final realization of the artistic work. Some paid meticulous attention to the manufacturing phase and created real works of art. Others focused more on effectiveness and functionality when achieving their road signs.

You even bought Mick Saylom’s artistic work, corruption. Can you tell us more about it?

There is a real artistic path in this work with the juxtaposition of these straws that give weight to the image. This makes sense with the danger it evokes, corruption. It is a picture that is only visible from a certain angle.

I also found it courageous to do this sign: we must not forget that some political contexts hinder artistic expression. This artistic work touches a sensitive issue: this danger is like gangrene, a form of evil, established and destructive.
To me there is a real relevance in the message he delivers, a possible double interpretation and a real richness.

Partners associated with the celebration of TGH’s twentieth anniversary

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