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About TGH


Commitment Triangle Génération humanitaire

Founded in 1994, Triangle Génération Humanitaire is a Non-Governmental organisation based in Lyon, France.

TGH provides concrete solutions to alleviate the suffering of populations living in unacceptable circumstances. It fights povertyand defends social integration. It offers support to victims of conflict, natural catastrophes and other events causing precarious living conditions.

It carried out numerous programmes in various countries, bringing direct and indirect support to several hundreds of thousands of people. Its actions, integrating emergency, rehabilitation and development, are characterized by a comprehensive approach of Humanitarian Assistance.

The association designs and implements programmes in collaboration with national and international partners through the identification and mobilization of local skills and resources. This approach aims at responding as closely as possible to the needs expressed by the beneficiary populations by elaborating comprehensive and sustainable solutions leading towards the autonomy of the people benefiting from these programmes. The association adopts an environment-friendly approach in its programmes.

Based on common values of listening capacity and reactivity, the association, standing for professionalism and pragmatism, is an area where people live together, express their personal commitment and share their know-how. It wishes to preserve and value the concept of Association with the meaning of « people acting together towards the same goal, which is not one of profit sharing ». The association is run by an elected board. As a Non Governmental organisation, it acts freely and independently.


ANNUAL BUDGET 2016 K€16 530

origines ressources TGH
affectations ressources TGH

ECHO: European Commission Department for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection – UNHCR: United Nations Refugee Agency – FRANCE: Inter-ministerial Food Aid Committee (CIAA) – French Programmed Food Aid (AAP) – Crisis and Support Center (CDCS) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI) – French Development Agency (AFD) - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region – Agences de l’eau Rhône-Méditerranée-Corse et Adour-Garonne – Syndicat intercommunal pour le gaz et l'électricité en Île-de-France (SIGEIF) – French Embassy in the Republic of the Congo and in East Timor – UNICEF: United Nations Children’s Fund - EUROPEAID: European Commission Directorate General for Development and Cooperation – VARIOUS UN: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – World Food Programme (WFP) – United Nations Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) – Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) – United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) – PRIVATE FUNDS: Fondation de France – Frentec – Fonds SUEZ initiatives – Air France Foundation – IOM: International Organization for Migration (OFDA & USAID Funds) – OTHER RESOURCES: Groupe de recherche et d'échanges technologiques (GRET) – International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) – OXFAM – Financial income – sales – donations & membership fees.

Voluntary contributions in kind amount to K€1,424 (not included in the budget above). These contributions come from UNICEF, FAO, WFP and UNHCR and go to the Central African Republic, Sudan and Iraqi Kurdistan. They mainly consist of food and non-food items, building materials and consulting missions.


TGH is a member of CHD (Humanitarian Coordination and Development) and Coordination SUD (National Coordination of French international solidarity NGOs).

TGH is a signatory of the Partnership Framework Agreement with ECHO (European Community Humanitarian Office) and the Framework Agreement for Operational Partnership (FAOP) with UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)


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  • ACDA – Central African Agency for Agricultural Development
  • Al Fajir and Al Massar associations (Sudan)
  • ANDE – National Agency for Livestock Development (Central African Republic)
  • ANEA – National Agency for Water and Sanitation in CAR
  • APDRA – French association for Fish Farming and Rural Development in humid tropical Africa
  • ARSOW-Nepal association
  • ATTsF - Asociación de Técnicos y Trabajadores sin Fronteras (Algeria)
  • AYO – Burmese association Ar Yone Oo
  • Bright Futur association (Jordan)
  • Caritas Congo
  • Central African Republic Ministries of Social Affairs, National Education and Technical Education
  • CRAED – Research Center Action for Environmental Education and Sustainable Development (Central African Republic)
  • DAD Association for human rights and civil society affairs (Sudan)
  • FNAPEC – Central African Republic National Federation of Parents and Students
  • FOJEP-D – Congolese Forum of Young Entrepreneurs and Producers for Development
  • French Red Cross
  • Iraqi Ministry of Education
  • JORD association (Iraqi Kurdistan)
  • Lao Agriculture and Forestry Office at Province level (PAFO) and district level (DAFO)
  • Lao Water Ministry (Nam Saat)
  • MAHDED Association (Central African Republic)
  • MoAI – Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
  • MOCM – North Korean Ministry of City Management and Institute of Materials and constructions
  • Municipality of Daratoo (Iraqi Kurdistan)
  • NDA and Nourrir associations (Central African Republic)
  • North Korean Federation for the Care of the Aged
  • North Korean Ministry of Agriculture and National Office of Aquaculture and Livestock
  • Peace Committee in Bindizi (Sudan)
  • Pool Department Council (Republic of the Congo)
  • Pradet, Casa Vida, Fokupers, Rede Feto and APSC-TL associations (Timor Leste)
  • REIPER – Network of NGOs working with street children (Republic of the Congo)
  • RFERC – Network of NGOs working with Central African Republic street children
  • Sahrawi Ministries of :
    • Equipement,
    • Health,
    • Water (Water Department),
    • Social Assistance and the Advancement of Women
  • Sahrawi Red Crescent
  • Sahrawi Security Agency
  • SEM - Secretariat for the support and socio-economic advancement of women in East Timor
  • SODECA – Central African Republic water company
  • Voix du Cœur association (Central African Republic)
  • WES – Water Service (Sudan)