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"Capacity Building Project Manager - Iraq"


Country: Iraq

Location: Based preferably in Mosul but possibly from Erbil, depending on general context. With regular travel to the other project implementation areas including Iraqi Kurdistan (KRI), and, providing that security conditions allow, in Baghdad and surrounding southern governorates.

Duration: 9 to 12 months, renewable according to funding, from June 2020, depending on the evolution of the context.

Conditions: Total gross monthly salary from €1’900 to €2’600 depending on experience, monthly per diem 650 USD, medical coverage of 100% + repatriation insurance + provident fund, accommodation, international and local transportation as part of the mission, break every 3 months.
Non family duty station.

Presentation of TGH

"Actor in a sustainable and shared solidarity"

Founded in 1994, TGH is a French international solidarity organization based in Lyon. The association designs and implements emergency, rehabilitation and development programs in the following sectors: water, hygiene and sanitation, civil engineering, food security and rural development, socio-educational and psychosocial. TGH is currently operating in 10 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


Since 2003, Iraq has faced a succession of crises and conflicts that have severely affected its population. Since 2014 and the emergence of the Islamic State (IS) in the northern and western areas, the security situation has considerably deteriorated. The population had to choose between taking refuge in IDP camps or abroad and living for several years under the occupation of the group. In 2016, the Iraqi government regained possession of the entire country, but unrest continues to disturb the country as it tries to recover.

In total, nearly 6 million Iraqis have been forced to leave by the conflict since 2014, when Mosul was taken by IS. As of 31st of October 2019, more than 1.4 million Iraqis were still displaced across the country. The latter have sought refuge in camps located mainly in the Governorate of Nineveh, near Mosul, as well as in urban areas, particularly in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. In addition to this displaced population, there are refugees from neighboring countries, mainly from Syria, fleeing confrontation as well as the presence of armed groups on their territory. Insecurity, lack of infrastructure and living conditions deteriorated by the conflict are prolonging the exile of displaced populations.

The defeat of ISIS’s last remaining strongholds in Iraq is now leaving ground for reconstruction. However, in places such as West Mosul that have seen severe destruction or remote areas where services are lacking, returns are not happening fast and Iraqi people are still displaced in IDP camps of Ninewa or the East bank of Mosul.

Presentation of the mission

TGH worked in Kurdistan from 1995 to 1999 in the education and agriculture sectors to support refugees from Turkey. In 2013, TGH reopened a mission in Iraqi Kurdistan and conducted several projects in Erbil: WASH in schools, Winterization distribution and progressively specialized in Child Protection and Livelihood sectors.

TGH provides psychosocial support to thousands of children and their families in the IDP camps of Khazer and Salamyiah as well as in the Balad area (Salah Adin Governorate). TGH coordinates the care and response provided to child protection cases requiring external support (medical NGOs, national child protection services, etc.) to ensure children receive the most appropriate care.

The organisation is also implementing food security and livelihood programmes focusing on water resource management, rehabilitation of agricultural infrastructure, veterinary care, economic recovery and population empowerment. These programmes help to revive agricultural economic activity, a crucial sector in rural Iraq, and encourage people to return to the villages where they belong.

TGH have opened sub-offices in Baghdad and in Mosul for the Mosul / Hamdaniya operations and develop further project in Federal Iraq.

Job description

PROJECT: Strengthening Child Protection service case management systems in IRAQ

In 2020 TGH will work to strengthen the child protection services (notably of case management) in Federal Iraq (GoI) by supporting the Child Protection system and reinforcing the capacities of Social Protection Directorate (SPD) and Social Care Directorate (SCD ), under the authority of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Baghdad, specifically in Baghdad and Ninewa governorates. The Project Manager will supervise the implementation of the following project components:

She/he will work under the direct and technical supervision of the Programme Coordinator based in Erbil. She/he supervises a team of up to 28 local staff. As TGH is implementing several Capacity Development projects the PM will engage in strong coordination and exchange of tools, processes and experiences with colleagues to ensure uniformity of implementation across KRI and GoI.
This position will include regular trips between Baghdad (provided security conditions allow) and Mosul, and KR-I to ensure the follow-up of activities, and to ensure coordination with teams in all governorates of operation.

Project management

Human Resources

Logistics and administration/finances

Internal coordination

Representation and external coordination




This list of responsibilities could be modified according to the needs in the field.

Security, working and living conditions

There are six bases/offices on the mission, located in Erbil, Baghdad, Nimrud, Mosul, Dohuk and Suleymaniyah.

TGH coordination team is located in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Concerning security, despite the dynamic context in Iraq, the region of KRI is currently safe. Security rules are regularly updated according to the change in context. In Erbil city, there are few restrictions of movement and expatriate staff can easily go out to bazaars, restaurants, sport centers, parks, shopping centers, supermarkets. Trips to the countryside are possible at weekends.

In Ninewa Governorate, the area of operation (Mosul) is located approximately 80 kilometers west of Erbil. Although the situation in terms of security is considered safe enough to physically operate directly, security risks and constraints have been identified and security incidents happen regularly. Staff movement as well as the duration of overnight stay in Mosul is only for short periods. In terms of working and living conditions in Mosul city, an office/guesthouse will be operational with strict security measures in place (TGH security plan).

Security in Baghdad governorate has been more stable in 2018 with few major incidents in comparison to the previous years. Travelling inside Baghdad is allowed by vehicle within certain areas until further assessment is completed, mostly during daytime. The PM will be accommodated within TGH’s joint guesthouse/office, located in a secured area where other NGOs are located, near the International Zone.