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TGH is a member of CHD (Humanitarian Coordination and Development)
and Coordination SUD (National Coordination of French international solidarity NGOs).

TGH is a signatory of the Partnership Framework Agreement with European Union (European Community Humanitarian Office)
and the Framework Agreement for Operational Partnership (FAOP) with UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)




  • ACDA – Central African Agency for Agricultural Development
  • ACF
  • Sahrawi Security Agency
  • ANDE – National Agency for Livestock Development (Central African Republic)
  • ANEA – National Agency for Water and Sanitation in CAR
  • APDRA – French association for Fish Farming and Rural Development in humid tropical Africa
  • ARSOW-Nepal association
  • Al Massar association (Sudan)
  • DAD Association for human rights and civil society affairs (Sudan)
  • NDA and Nourrir associations (Central African Republic)
  • Voix du Cœur association (Central African Republic)
  • ATTsF - Asociación de Técnicos y Trabajadores sin Fronteras (Algeria)
  • AYO – Burmese association Ar Yone Oo
  • Lao Agriculture and Forestry Office at Province level (PAFO) and district level (DAFO)
  • Child Smile (Ukraine)
  • Peace Committee in Bindizi (Sudan)
  • Sahrawi Red Crescent
  • French Red Cross
  • DRC - Danish Refugee Council
  • North Korean Federation for the Care of the Aged
  • FNEC – National Federation of Central African Breeders
  • Gembloux (University of Liege, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech )
  • GRET
  • HI
  • Incust (Ukraine)
  • Istok (Ukraine)
  • Lao Water Ministry (Nam Saat)
  • Sahrawi Ministries of :
    • Equipement,
    • Health,
    • Water (Water Department),
    • Social Assistance and the Advancement of Women
  • North Korean Ministry of Agriculture and National Office of Aquaculture and Livestock
  • Central African Republic Ministries of Social Affairs, National Education and Technical Education
  • Iraqi Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (Kurdistan Regional Government) and Directorates of Social Affairs of Dohuk, Erbil and Suleymaniyah
  • Sudanese Ministry of Education
  • MoAI – Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
  • MOCM – North Korean Ministry of City Management and Institute of Materials and constructions
  • PUI
  • Raiki Community Development Foundation (RCDF)
  • REIPER – Network of NGOs working with street children (Republic of the Congo)
  • Responsible Citizens (Ukraine)
  • SARC (Syrian Red Crescent)
  • SEM - Secretariat for the support and socio-economic advancement of women in East Timor
  • SODECA – Central African Republic water company
  • Vostok SOS
  • WES – Water Service (Sudan)
  • Zoya (Ukraine)